Student Clubs

Students sitting on bench in student center

Our vibrant residential campus is home to more than 25 student-run clubs and organizations. Created by students for students, these groups bring together diverse individuals around common interests and are a great way to make friends, take on leadership roles, and access off-campus opportunities. Like intercollegiate sports, our clubs are funded by the College through tuition dollars and are open to all students both residential and commuter.

A list of current clubs and organizations is available upon request from the Student Activities office but usually includes a combination of clubs related to:

  • Recreation- such as dance, outdoor adventure, and video gaming
  • Degree Programs- such as Sport Management, Hospitality, and Nursing
  • Values- such as diversity, political engagement, and volunteering

Keep an eye out for the campus resource fair, typically held at the beginning of each new semester, for your chance to browse the various offerings. You are welcome to join as many as you want, and encouraged to pursue starting your own.