Student Government Association

SGA Logo


SGA Mission Statement

The SGA serves as the voice of the student body to create a better campus community for the students, by the students.

The group meets every Friday at noon in the TC3 Student Center Conference Room.

SGA Responsibilities

  • Approving funding for all student clubs (funded through the Student Activity Fee)
  • Assisting with the selection of student representatives to a variety of campus committees
  • Promoting student leadership and encouraging participation from all students in campus co-curricular activities
  • Taking part in and encouraging club participation in campus civic engagement initiatives
  • Proposing positive changes and improvements in campus life
  • Supporting and participating in  club events and programs
  • Working in partnership with the office of Student Activities on campus programs and events
  • Recognizing the strength that diversity brings to the concept of community, where each person’s unique voice is heard and can contribute to the overall picture of the TC3 student experience.

Become a member of the SGA

We define an ‘active member’ as one who: 

  • Regularly attends at general SGA meetings and committee meetings
  • Actively participates on an SGA committee or project
  • Attends one SGA Orientation session (offered three times per semester)

After one full semester of participation, an active member is defined as ‘Senator-at-Large’

Why join SGA?

To network, meet new people, contribute to the College's organizational culture, practice your public speaking, have your voice heard, and learn life skills, problem solving techniques, and teamwork.

How do I join SGA?

Fill out the SGA Application form and bring it to the TC3 Student Center.