Student Government Association

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SGA Mission Statement

The SGA serves as the voice of the student body to create a better campus community for the students, by the students.

The group meets every Friday at noon in the TC3 Student Center Conference Room.

SGA Responsibilities

  • Approving funding for all student clubs (funded through the Student Activity Fee)
  • Assisting with the selection of student representatives to a variety of campus committees
  • Promoting student leadership and encouraging participation from all students in campus co-curricular activities
  • Taking part in and encouraging club participation in campus civic engagement initiatives
  • Proposing positive changes and improvements in campus life
  • Supporting and participating in  club events and programs
  • Working in partnership with the office of Student Activities on campus programs and events
  • Recognizing the strength that diversity brings to the concept of community, where each person’s unique voice is heard and can contribute to the overall picture of the TC3 student experience.

How do I join SGA?

Show up to a meeting! SGA meets every Friday at noon in the Student Center Conference Room. There are varying levels of involvement:

  • Active membership: Regularly attend SGA meetings and participate on SGA committees
  • Senator-at-Large: Club officers and/or after one semester of participation.
  • Executive member: Elections and appointments are held every Spring semester.



SGA Executive Board 2019-20


Adji Ndiaye

Adji is a Senegalease-American resident student from New York City. She is majoring in General Studies with a focus in Math and Sciences with a plan to attend medical school. Adji joined SGA because she understands the importance of student involvement at an academic institution.

Fun Fact: Adji was shy about getting involved until she became an RA and met new people at Tompkins Cortland.

From Adji-

"I strive to be a part of the solution that creates a welcoming and enjoyable experience for all students from different backgrounds. With the diverse committee that makes up Tompkins Cortland's Student Government Association, I do not doubt the positive impact we will make on students and staff experience. As the President of the Student Government Association, I plan to enhance Tompkins Cortland's environment by building bridges so that students from all walks of life can embark on a clear path to success. We will achieve this by understanding the needs of our students and addressing them accordingly".

Vice President of Finance

Casey Smith

Casey is a commuter student from Candor, N.Y. He is majoring in Business Administration to work toward a career in business management. Casey joined SGA to better himself and the college.

Fun Fact: Casey's top five SQ Strengths are Adaptability, Command, Futuristic, Ideation, and Realtor.

From Casey-

"I am motivated for this position because I would love to be able to work with students and staff of the college to make it the best that it can be. I believe that a position like this is very important so that there is someone to understand student wants and needs, as well as the needs of the college itself. From what I've observed from other students, as well as from my own experience, one of the biggest issues the student population faces is learning to juggle class and homework with work and/.or personal time".