Members of the College community have the opportunity to use the gymnasium for a variety of activities.

Recreation Sports Rules

  • No ID, No Play, No Exceptions
  • Sneakers must be worn. Bare feet, socks, sandals, boots, and street shoes are prohibited.
  • Avoid profanity, fighting and bullying.
  • Players may not hang from the basket.
  • Students must provide an ID card to sign out equipment or enter the field house.
  • Call your own foul and rule violations. Recreation staff will be on the floor overlooking the game and will over rule arguments.
  • Violations of the rules and regulations are subject to suspension of recreation privileges. Repeat offenders are subject to expulsion for the semester.

The college offers structured and unstructured activities in a co-ed recreational setting, including:

  • volleyball              
  • indoor soccer
  • dodge ball
  • deck tennis
  • tennis
  • softball
  • disc golf
  • flag football
  • broom ball
  • 3/3 basketball
  • 5/5 basketball

Sign up forms for all activities are posted next to the rec cage.

Questions or comments about the recreation sports program should be directed to:

Alfred Okaru 
Recreation Coordinator 
607.844.8222, Ext. 4495