Q. Where do I go to get a TC3 card?

A. Come to the TC3 Card Office in Suite 101.

Q. What if my card is lost or stolen?

A. Come to one of the TC3 card offices and we will issue you a new card. There will be a $10 replacement fee payable at time of replacement. Your lost/stolen card will be invalid.

Q. What if my card is bent, broken or demagnetized?

A. Come to one of the TC3 card offices and we will issue you a new card free of charge. You MUST bring in your bent, broken or demagnetized card or we will consider it a lost or stolen card and you will be charged accordingly.

Q. Can I have more than one TC3 card?

A. No. For many security reasons, we cannot allow you to have more than one card. Someone (possibly not associated with the college) could use your TC3 to use the different services on campus and your funds unlawfully.

Q. What are the privileges that come along with myTC3 card?

A. The TC3 card is a convenient debit and access identification card. You can use your TC3 card multiple times each day for your food purchases (meal plans or declining balances), vending machine purchases, ResHall access, classroom access, printing or copying on campus, checking out books in the library, using the fitness center or even as a bus pass.

Q. Why doesn't my card work?

A. It could be because your card is bent, the magnetic strip is scratched or damaged, the magnetic strip has been demagnetized or because you are trying to use an old card. All the information needed for your card to work on campus is stored on the mag-strip. If your card is damaged in any way, it is impossible to extract any information from your card. For this reason it is important to care for your card by keeping it in a card holder and keeping cards from touching each other back to back.


Q. Does my Financial Aid money go on my card?

A. No. Your FinAid award does not get put on your card. You have to have your TC3 card to purchase books in the bookstore this is so they can look up your records and, basically, charge your books again any Financial Aid award you received.

Q. Can I use my TC3 card on the bus?

A. In order to use your TC3 card on the TCAT (Ithaca) bus line you must purchase a semester pass from the TC3 card office or online (myTC3 > myCard > Services). The pass takes up to 2 business days to work so plan accordingly.

Q. What are the different accounts?

A. See the Account Types page.

Q. How do I add money to my account?

A. See the Making Deposits page.

Q. May I take cash out or get a refund?

A. You may not take cash out of any balances associated with your TC3 card. Only Panther Dollars will be refunded (less a $25 processing fee) upon written request. Panther dollars will remain on the card and can be used until they expire. All accounts and Panther Dollars are considered expired after 180 days of inactivity and will be cleared. Money deposited for dining will not be refunded. 

Q. How can I check my account balances or the activity on my account?

You will then be able to view current balances and financial transactions for the last 12 months. In addition, balances are displayed at cash registers, copy machines, printer stations, and deposit machines. 

Q. How does the account balances work?

A. TC3 dining terminals display the combined balances of the Flex, Dining and Panther Dollars accounts since food purchases can be made from all accounts.  The system will first deduct from funds from Flex, then Dining then Panther Dollars Account if all other accounts have been exhausted.  The copier terminals and print stations display the combined balances of the Print/Copy and Panther Dollars Accounts.  The system will first deduct from funds from the Print/Copy Account, then automatically deduct from the Panther Dollars Account if Print/Copy Account funds have been exhausted.  At all other locations, balance returns will be only for the Panther Dollars Account.  Unused Panther Dollars will rollover to the next semesters/academic years; unused Dining Dollars will rollover to the next semester; but expire at the end of the spring semester and are non-refundable. Rollovers will occur from summer to fall and from fall to spring.