House Rules/Jogging

Rec Info

  • No ID, No Play, No Exceptions
  • Sneakers must be worn. Bare feet, socks, sandals, boots, and street shoes are prohibited.
  • Avoid profanity, fighting and bullying.
  • Players may not hang from the basket.
  • Students must provide an ID card to sign out equipment or enter the field house.
  • Open basketball and open soccer: Call your own foul and rule violations. Recreation staff will be on the floor to help with any concerns or over rule arguments.
  • Violations of the rules and regulations are subject to suspension of recreation privileges. Repeat offenders are subject to expulsion for the semester.


Walking & jogging is allowed outdoors on campus year round, plus in the colder months, you can move inside! For your convenience, the indoor track in the field house is available to walkers and joggers Monday-Friday, 7-9 a.m.

Intramural Basketball Rules

  • The clock stops when refs are speaking
  • One time out allowed per half (two total)
  • After free-throws, ball must go to ref before it is inbounded
  • Only captains are allowed to talk to Alfie, Marcy, or refs
  • Captains must meet with refs before game to discuss any issues
  • Clock stops inside two minutes during both halves
  • Profanity must be kept to a minimum
  • No trades or add-ons to any team, each player must be a current Tompkins Cortland student
  • If player’s name is not on the roster or in book, a technical is given to that team
  • No self-subs, refs must blow whistle to allow a sub, or a team technical is given
  • No jewelry (earrings, necklace, bracelets)
  • If more than one person on a single team gets TWO or more technical fouls, players will be suspended for the rest of that game and the next game.
  • If a team as a whole gets two or more player technicals, that team will forfeit game in progress as well as the NEXT game
  • No arguing/cursing at refs/or cursing at other teams (may result in a team technical)
  • Equipment violations = SUSPENSION (ex: throwing/kicking any of the balls)
  • Teams must wear numbered shirts or jerseys
  • A minimum of four people must be present at the start/end of every game or risk forfeiting
  • Teams, fans, and coaches, MUST sit in chairs or stand behind them if they are not playing, this can result in a team technical

If you have any questions or concerns please visit the recreation office and speak with Alfred Okaru. Phone: 844.8222, Ext. 4495. Our hours of operation: Monday-Thursday 6:30 - 11 p.m., Sunday 2 - 7 p.m.