Title IX: Awareness and Prevention

Tompkins Cortland Community College is committed to reducing the incidence of sexual and interpersonal violence. Our institution believes that everyone within our campus community has a responsibility to learn and assist with our prevention efforts and help change our campus culture.

Each year, the Title IX office educates all incoming students on the topic of sexual violence, affirmative consent and reporting. Additionally, the Title IX office provides annual prevention training for our campus's student-leaders and athletes. Furthermore, when possible, the Title IX office will provide presentations at the request of campus members, including presentations for classes and residence hall programming.

Title IX also works closely with faculty and staff, in collaboration with Human Resources on education efforts.

Training for new student orientations – Orientation includes a 1-hour session on Tompkins Cortland FYI and Safety at the College that includes information on sexual harassment and discrimination policies and procedures and resources.

Training for new staff orientations – Each new staff member meets with the Department of Human Resources and receives information related to the College’s policies including Title IX, and sexual harassment and discrimination.

On-line compliance training –Computer-based training modules including Title IX and sexual discrimination and harassment.

Periodic Reminders via email – Emails to the College Community are sent periodically by the Title IX coordinators offering Title IX-type scenarios and reminding the community of the reporting process when encountering those types of situations.

The Title IX Committee logs each prevention and training session and other programs provided throughout the year.

Prevention Efforts

The Title IX coordinators would not be successful without the help of campus leaders and organizations dedicated to preventing sexual and interpersonal violence. If you are interested in helping lead these efforts, consider joining one of our committees or organizations that work toward this goal. 

  • Violence Prevention Committee
  • Campus Security Committee
  • One Love Workshops