Board Policy - Flying the College Flag at Half Staff

  1. The college flag cannot fly higher than the national and state flags. Whenever the college is instructed to fly either the national or state flag at half-staff, the college flag will also be flown at half-staff. 

  1. On the death of any member of the current college community, the college flag will be flown at half-staff starting immediately upon notification of decease and will continue to be so flown for the next 3 full days. Current members of the college community are: members of the Board of Trustees; members of the Board of the TC3 Foundation; faculty (full-time and adjunct), administrative and support staff; FSA staff; full-time and part-time students enrolled in credit-bearing courses; support service staff of the bookstore and cafeteria. 

  1. The President has discretionary powers to order the flying of the college flag at half- staff in exceptional cases not covered by #2 above, e.g. to honor the passing of a former president of the college or any other person who in the past has offered exceptional service to the college. 

12/12/2002 – Resolution #2002-2003-16 – Policy for Flying the College Flag at Half Staff