Profile of Main Campus Building

Our Mission

We serve our community by meeting educational needs, creating an environment for student success, and preparing our students and ourselves for citizenship in a global society.

Our Vision

To see strengths and unique potential in every person. To inspire people to make the courageous choice to learn, grow, and serve.

Our Values


Learning is the most important outcome of our work. We are all learners and we know that teaching and learning happen both inside and outside the classroom. Each of us is responsible for our own learning and for supporting the learning of others.


Exceptional teaching, programs, and service are critical to our success. We believe that excellence must be built on a foundation of integrity, honesty, and academic freedom. We achieve it by focusing on strengths, learning from experiences, and assessing our work.


Education transforms lives. We value access to education as a fundamental right. Our students can start here and go anywhere.


Change creates vitality. We value active pursuit of thoughtful innovation and continuous improvement. We empower and challenge ourselves to create, innovate, take risks, and nurture an environment of trust.


Relationships are the heart of our work. We value a caring, supportive community built on integrity, openness, honesty, and respect. Our internal and external relationships are flexible, collaborative, and interdependent.


Diversity enriches our learning. We embrace diversity in all of its contexts, including strengths, perspectives, and people. We seek to increase our capacity to understand issues of difference, power, and privilege and to constructively resolve conflict.