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In January 2019, Tompkins Cortland Community College began a strategic planning process to bring focus to institutional priorities that will guide the College over the next three to five years. Over the course of the next year, more than 1,000 individuals – including students, faculty, staff, community members, and business leaders – participated in the development of this strategic plan.

Through the process, one theme consistently emerged: CONNECTING. Using that theme as guidance, the College has defined five overarching goals in the broad areas that will us to advance our ambitious mission: connecting to students, employers, the community, resources, and to each other.

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The College’s Strategic Plan was released in early 2020 after a year of development.

The Strategic Plan Research Appendix gives details about the surveys, research, and data that informed the Strategic Plan.

The Strategic Plan identifies five themes under the overarching goal of Connecting, each with a defined goal.


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Connecting Students to the College

Goal 1: Enhance student learning and development experiences to ensure success inside and outside the classroom.

  • Review and Revise processes and policies to remove barriers to student entry, retention, and completion.
  • Empower and Engage all College staff in developing strategies for student success, retention, and completion.
  • Foster an environment that is diverse, equitable, welcoming and responsive.





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Connecting the College and the Community

Goal 2: Strengthen the College's relationship with the community to better serve the broader interests of students, families, employers and the region.

  • Inform the community about the offerings and achievements of the College and opportunities for the community to become more involved and engaged at the College.
  • Leverage partnerships with local high schools to ensure strategic recruitment and seamless transfer.
  • Maintain a demonstrated, visible, and active presence in both sponsoring counties.




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Connecting to Employers

Goal 3: Foster partnerships and build stronger relationships with local employers to enhance job placement opportunities for students.

  • Develop relationships to understand the needs of local employers and the jobs are available.
  • Develop mechanisms to evaluate and predict future local workforce trends and needs.
  • Develop and secure applied learning opportunities for students with local employers.





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Connecting to Resources

Goal 4: Secure needed resources to implement the College's strategic priorities.

  • Develop Strategies for leveraging alternative funding sources (grants, auxiliary services, etc.)
  • Create and implement a strategic enrollment management plan.
  • Develop a long-term campus master plan.
  • Engage campus community in resource needs allocation discussions.




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Connecting to each other

Goal 5: Embrace opportunities to connect with and support colleagues, supporting all faculty, staff and students in creating a welcoming and helpful campus environment in which to learn, work and thrive.

  • Develop communication strategies that provide opportunities for input, allow for an understanding of the decision-making processes and reinforce the culture of effective collaboration and communication.
  • Ensure faculty, staff and students are provided with opportunities to fully engage in fostering and promoting the College's culture and image.
  • Celebrate points of pride that highlight the College, its values, its employees and students.



* The Strategic Plan will be assessed in Spring 2022


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While the College is already in the process of implementing the Strategic Plan, we continue to appreciate and value input from our constituents. To share feedback or suggestions, or get more information, email