Board Policy - GPA Recalculation Policy

 The Internal Transfer Policy has been revised and will henceforth be known as the GPA Recalculation Policy. Under the revised policy, students whose Grade Point Average (GPA) and/or Earned/Attempted Ratio has been below the minimum standards for the two most recent semesters and who wish to change their program may petition the Dean of Instruction to discount the credits and grades in certain courses that are not required in their new program. A petition to discount grades will be granted only once to a student. If the petition is granted, all grades of F in courses not required in the new program will be discounted in the cumulative GPA and Earned/Attempted Ratio and grades of D-, D, and D+ or grade notations of W, WP, AW, WF, and MW will be considered for discount. Credit is not retained for courses for which the grade has been discounted. For the purpose of honors recognition, discounted grades and credits will be included in the cumulative GPA unless the course has been repeated. 

6/15/89 – Resolution #1988-89-97 – Internal Transfer Policy 6/21/90 – Resolution #1989-90-78 – Internal Transfer Policy 

5/16/96 – Minutes – no resolution “…Administration extend the suspension of the Internal Transfer Policy through December 1996 pending review of compliance with new federal financial aid regulations.” 

12/12/96 – Resolution #1996-97-34 – Revision of Internal Transfer Policy/GPA Recalculation Policy