Board Policy - Preferred Name Gender and Pronoun

A preferred name is a first name that you may choose to be called that is different from your legal/official name. Tompkins Cortland Community College recognizes that many students, faculty, and staff prefer to use a name other than their legal name to identify themselves. As long as use of this preferred name, gender identity, and pronouns are not for the purpose of misrepresentation, the college acknowledges that a preferred first name, gender identity, and pronouns will be used when and where possible, in the course of college business and education. 

The college reserves the right to remove a preferred name if it is inappropriate, offensive, or will incite another person or group of people. For students, this determination is made at the discretion of the office of VP of Student Services upon submission of the required 

form. Employees must submit the required form to the Office of Human Resources. There is no charge to designate or change a preferred name; however, the standard replacement ID card fee applies. You may change your preferred name no more than once per academic year. 

Please be advised that requesting a preferred name is not the same as legally changing your name. Wherever reasonably possible, preferred first name, gender identity, and pronouns will be used in Tompkins Cortland Community College’s systems. However, official transcripts, enrollment verifications, diplomas, third party database systems, paychecks, medical records, financial aid documents, federal immigration documents, all external communications such as newspapers (Deans/President’s list announcements, etc.), or any other College business requires the use of your legal/official name. 

The College will attempt to display the preferred first name to the College community where feasible and appropriate and make a good faith effort to update reports, documents, and systems accordingly. However, to change the name that is printed on official academic records, such as those noted in the previous paragraph, students must complete the process for a legal/official name change and then submit a Change of Student Data Request Form with supporting documentation to the Office of Academic Records. Employees must contact the Office of Human Resources. 

Approved 2/21/2019 – Resolution 2018-2019-23