Residence Life Internet

Tompkins Cortland Community College has partnered with Apogee to provide internet access through the residential network. All residence halls will have reliable, high-speed access to the internet with 24/7 customer support. The College and Apogee are committed to providing students with state of the art wireless and wired broadband access.  Now all your devices, pc, laptop, smart phone, iPad, and gaming systems will be able to connect to the internet.  Optional upgraded services with faster speeds are available for an additional fee.


As a resident, you will receive the Basic Plan at no additional charge, which will provide you with 5 Mbps of dedicated wired download speed.


Once you arrive on campus you will need to sign up for a ResNet account
Apogee’s support representatives will be on-site to provide information and to assist you as needed during move in.


To connect to the Internet:


Connect to, then choose Create My Account and follow the directions.




If you experience any problems you can call or email Apogee for help.
Phone: 1-855-813-7008


What you will need:


All bedrooms have their own network jack and WIFI. You will need a PC with a properly configured Ethernet or Wireless network adapter, and you will need to bring an Ethernet cable with you. 


Network Use and Terms of Service


Please refer to the Computer Use Policy and Protocol document and student computer recommendation.


Residence life provides students in the residence halls with excellent internet connectivity.  Our primary focus with this service is to help students with their academic needs and experience on campus.


Connecting to and/or using the internet connection provided by residence life and any other computing resources on campus indicates your agreement to abide by the Computer Use Policy and Protocols of the College. You must also comply with Apogee’s policies. In addition, you are subject to applicable New York state and Federal laws. Violations may result in the termination of internet access without notification, as well as a referral to the appropriate campus, local, state or federal authorities.


Students are personally responsible for all use of computers and network connections and will be held accountable for any violations that occur involving computer or internet connections.


The connection to the residence life network is a privilege, and you must agree to abide by the policies and protocols of the College, and agree that you are solely responsible for violations occurring through the use of your computing equipment and/or network connection.


Digital Millennium Copyright Act


Campus Technology


Technology users on the Tompkins Cortland Community College campus should be aware of copyright laws and what responsibilities they have under the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998.


Tompkins Cortland Community College complies with these regulations. Users who violate copyright laws may have their internet access revoked. Users may have their access reinstated, after meeting with the Chief Information Officer or his/her designee.


Chief Information Officer, DMCA Agent
Tompkins Cortland Community College
P.O. Box 139
Dryden, NY 13053
Tel: 607.844.8211, Ext. 430