Surplus Disposal Procedure

Request for disposal of college owned property, and determination of the means of disposal must be coordinated through the appropriate Department Manager, Buildings and Grounds, and Campus Technology if relevant, and reported to the Purchasing Department. The report must include a list of items to be disposed of and reason for disposal, along with information provided on each item’s inventory tag to include a minimum of item description and decal #, plus the item’s location, and serial # if available.

Determination and request must be made regarding the means of disposal. Items with any value which are determined to be obsolete and of no further use to the college, may be disposed of via public auction or donation to non-profit, or charitable organizations. Documentation must be provided to Purchasing showing proof of non-profit or charitable status.

Equipment or items with no value due to damage, age, or obsolescence, may be disposed of by means of proper recycling procedures, or trashed if recycling is not an option. Purchasing can provide assistance with coordination of above. A list of property to be disposed of will be periodically reported by Purchasing to the Dean of Enrollment and College Services for request of approval by the Board of Trustees.