Class of 2024 Spencer Horey

I Ended Up Loving It More Than I Ever Imagined
Spencer Horey Class of 2024

Plenty of high school graduates are unsure about their future. After graduating from New Roots Charter School in 2021, you could count Spencer Horey among them.

“I wasn't totally sure college was going to be for me. I decided to take a gap semester and then test the waters with TC3 since it's close to home.”

The waters proved to be just fine. “I ended up loving it more than I ever imagined I would,” said Horey.” Before I came to TC3 I was unsure of myself and my future. I have always been interested in so many things I really struggled to find direction. I'm really grateful I was able to figure myself out and what I want from life in such a supportive environment.”

The self-discovery resulted in a Spencer becoming a human services major and forming lasting relationships with faculty, staff, and fellow students. 

“My time here has been incredible. My roommates and I are like family and some of the most special, beautiful people I've ever had the pleasure to meet,” said Horey. “My advisor Patty Tvaroha is absolutely incredible. She's been on my team since the second I stepped foot in her office and has always been incredibly enthusiastic to help me. Hal Pietros-Brown (Coordinator of Career Development) helped me narrow down schools to transfer to, which is normally a scary process, except he made it some of the most fun I've had all year. He's a joy to talk to on top of being extremely knowledgeable and super enthusiastic to help out. Professor Amber Gilewski was one of my favorite teachers I've ever had, and when I ran out of psychology courses to take with her I was genuinely a little devastated! She has so much knowledge of the field and the way she teaches her classes is incredible. I retained more information from one class period with her than I feel like I did all of high school.”

With memories of TC3 including “time spent looking at the beautiful sunsets from the F Building parking lot with my best friends” Horey will now transfer to the University at Buffalo to study psychology. But TC3 will also hold a special place. “I could honestly go on forever; there hasn't been a single professor or staff member I've talked to who wasn't just lovely and so excited to help out however they can. It's so refreshing to see an entire institution where the faculty talks the talk and walks the walk.”