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The National Society of Leadership and Success (NSLS) is the nation's largest honor society. Candidacy is a nationally recognized achievement of honorable distinction. Tompkins Cortland Community College is home to one of over 670 chapters nationwide. Every semester, the Tompkins Cortland chapter selects students based on their academic standing and leadership potential. Members who complete Induction have access to scholarship opportunities and job banks. For more information, visit:


How did I get selected - why me?

We invite students with over a 2.5 GPA that have demonstrated leadership potential.

Is this the same as Phi Theta Kappa (PTK)? Is this a sorority or fraternity?

NO. NSLS is a leadership Honor Society, PTK is an Academic Honor Society for two-year college students. NSLS does use Greek terminology, such as, Sigma Alpha Pi. In the NSLS language the Sigma Alpha Pi indicates Success, Action, and Purpose. It is NOT a Greek organization like a fraternity or sorority, it is an honor society.

There are NO academic standards or requirements to maintain membership in NSLS. The 2.5 GPA serves as a baseline to identify potential members.

What is NSLS? How does it work? This seems like a big time commitment-how will I finish it?

The main purpose of the organization is to provide students with very specific leadership training and goal setting skills. Students are required to participate in several on-campus events in order to reach induction. Students must complete events before they leave Tompkins Cortland; if they transfer to a school with a chapter, they will automatically become a member of that school's NSLS chapter.

Required Events:

  • A one hour orientation (offered several times)
  • Three speaker (usually one hour, will be offered multiple times a year)
  • A leadership training day event (3 hours, offered every semester)
  • Three small group workshops (less than one hour - offered 15 - 20 times a semester)

Is this a scam? The email postcard came from some national office.

Many of our students see this email and want to know "is this real?" or "is this a scam" or "did you really include me, I'm not a leader." Be assured that YES, this is a real Tompkins Cortland Community College program, and you should choose whether or not it will work for you. This is a national organization and the national office coordinates the mailings to students with the chapter advisor. Your campus chapter advisor is Cheyenne Gorton,

Why is there a fee? What if I can't pay the fee?

There is a fee of $95 to join, however, if students do not have it up front, they can delay payment until induction. The NSLS advisor will track their attendance manually and back date when their payment is posted. Tompkins Cortland Community College does not collect the fee. The national office collects fees.