What is Electrical Engineering Technology?

What is an electrical engineering technology degree?

Most people are familiar with electrical engineering but don’t know much about a related field: electrical engineering technology. 
So, what is electrical engineering technology? 

Electrical engineering technology is a field that implements and applies the principles of electrical engineering. Think of it as a hands-on discipline that brings the practical side of this practice to life. 

What Does an Electrical Engineering Tech Do?

Electrical engineering technicians often work hand-in-hand with electrical engineers. These trained specialists help engineers design and develop equipment that is powered by electricity or electric current. They assist with electrical power distribution, process control, instrumentation design, and more. Duties can include such tasks as installing electrical control systems, planning project timelines, calibrating equipment, and programming electronic controls.

Tompkins Cortland Community College recently added a program for those interested in an electrical engineering technology degree or certificate. This new program is part of the Applied Science and Technology program at TC3.

Are you still wondering: “What is electrical engineering technology?” or “What is an electrical engineering technology degree?” Read on to learn more!

Electrical Engineering Technology vs. Electrical Engineering

First, let’s take a look at electrical engineering technology vs electrical engineering.

While both fields are rooted in electrical technology, electrical engineers focus more on the building, development, theory, and improvement of electrical systems and products. 

Electrical engineering technicians, on the other hand, specialize in maintaining and updating those electrical systems.

Unlike electrical engineers, electrical engineering techs typically work in the production environment in order to address problems directly and find solutions. Working as an electrical engineer requires a four-year degree and multiple courses in math, science, and core engineering theory. 

Meanwhile, an electrical engineering technology degree typically takes two years. There is also the option to earn an electrical engineering technician micro-credential, which requires 8 credits.

What is the Average Electrical Engineering Technology Salary?

We’ve answered the question: What is electrical engineering technology? But how much does the field pay? The median electrical engineering technician salary is $67,274 per year, according to Payscale. New workers start at around $50,000 and highly experienced workers can earn up to $99,000.

What is an Electrical Engineering Degree? And What is an Electrical Engineering Technology Degree?

Interested in a traditional engineering degree? Tompkins Cortland Community College offers an accredited Engineering Science A.S. degree program, which can serve as a foundation for a career in electrical engineering or other engineering specialties such as chemical engineering, civil engineering, or mechanical engineering. Many students begin by getting their engineering associate’s at TC3, then transferring to a four-year institution to complete their bachelor’s degree.

If you would like to specialize in the field of Electrical Engineering Technology, we have good news! As mentioned earlier, TC3 recently added an Electrical Engineering Technology track that is part of our Applied Science and Technology program. It allows students to earn an A.A.S. degree or become credentialed as an Entry Level Technician in electrical engineering technology. 

The program will help students develop key competencies in the electrical engineering technology field. You’ll immerse yourself in the latest technologies and techniques as you receive personalized training from industry experts. New courses in this track include Introduction to Electronics (with Intro to Soldering and Electronics Print Reading), Digital Electronics, Analog Electronics, Industrial Electronics, and PLCs. 

Ready to pursue an electrical engineering technician credential at TC3? Click the link to learn more about this new program today!