How to Use DegreeWorks

Planning your progress to graduation

DegreeWorks is a degree audit team used by SUNY schools. It allows students and advisors to review progress toward graduation. DegreeWorks helps students understand their journey to graduation. If you need help reading or interpreting your DegreeWorks, please contact your advisor.


Your worksheet: tracking your progress

The worksheet contains the “audit” of how courses you have taken apply to the requirements of your degree program. It includes courses you have completed as well as courses you have in progress. The worksheet also shows how your courses fulfill SUNY General Education requirements.

Finding your advisor

The advisor listed in myINFO is your current advisor. If a different advisor is listed in DegreeWorks that is most likely because you recently changed your degree program. The advisor listed in DegreeWorks will be your new advisor beginning in the next semester. If you have questions about who your advisor is, please contact the Student Success and Advisement Services at

Setting up a “Plan”

You can meet with your advisor to work on mapping out future semesters and to set up a Plan in DegreeWorks, if you don’t already have one. A degree plan is created for most new students when they go through the START process or sometime during their first semester. Even if you set up a plan with your advisor, you can always revise it later.

Changing programs: The "What-If" feature

The “What-If” feature in DegreeWorks allows students to see how their courses will fit into any other degree program offered at Tompkins Cortland. You must file a Change of Program Request form with the Student Success and Advisement office in order to officially change your degree program. You should not change programs without first meeting with an academic advisor to discuss the change.

Notice something incorrect?

If you think there is an error in how a course shows up on your worksheet, first speak with your academic advisor to seek clarification. If your advisor agrees that there is an error, you or your advisor should email with specific information about the error or question.

Other Notes

Updates will appear the next day

The student information in DegreeWorks is not live; it gets updated nightly. Any changes made during the day will show up on your Worksheet the next day.

DegreeWorks, it’s not an official transcript

Your transcript is your official College record, and DegreeWorks does not replace that. DegreeWorks is a guide to assist you as you work with your advisor to plan toward completing your degree program requirements.