Using Strengths

Tompkins Cortland Community College is committed to helping each student at the College explore the unique talents and abilities that make student success possible.

The College uses Gallup's CliftonStrengths for Students to help discover their specific strengths and help students learn how to apply those strengths to their academic, social, and professional lives.

As a strengths-based college, Tompkins Cortland believes each student has unique talents they bring to our community. Understanding your own talents and developing them into strengths can help you reach your goals, understand yourself and those around you, and become your best self.

All new students should complete the Strengths inventory prior to New Student Orientation.

Please plan about 30 uninterrupted minutes to complete the strengths inventory. Go with your gut reaction to the questions when answering for the most effective assessment of your talents.

There is a timer on the items in the inventory; if you are concerned about this, please email so we can determine whether the timer needs to be turned off. If English is not your first language, we recommend taking the SQ inventory in your native language (many language options are available).

To take the Strengths inventory, please follow these steps:

  • Sign in to myTC3
  • Go to Self-Service
  • Select the TC3 links menu from the tabs at the top
  • Choose Strengthslink on this menu 
  • Select the button to "Request a Strengths code". 
  • Copy (Ctrl C) the access code you are given. 
  • Select the Strengths Registration link.  
  • Paste (Ctrl V) into the box and choose "Continue". 
  • Register for a new Strengths account by choosing the "Create an Account" link found next to the “New to Gallup” (located above the login fields). 
  • Create a unique username and password for this site, but please be sure to use you TC3 email address when you register (
  • Verify your identity by accessing your TC3 email to get the verification code sent by Gallup. Enter the code on this page, then continue the registration process by entering your preferred language and choosing the “Take the CliftonStrengths assessment” option.  
  • Enter your demographic information, read the instructions, and take the CliftonStrengths Assessment.  
  • Once you've completed the inventory, select the “See Results” button and view/download your Strengths Insight Guide and read it. 

For continuing students who want to learn more about how to understand their strengths, workshops are offered throughout the semester. To continue learning more about your Strengths, we offer Strengths Spotlights which focus on certain SQ themes, as well as workshops on using your strengths in relationships, academics, and your career.