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Liberal Arts and Sciences: Teacher Education Transfer

Adolescence Education (Teacher Education Transfer)
Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer)
Early Childhood Education (Teacher Education Transfer)

Tompkins Cortland Community College offers three degree options to prepare you for a career as a teacher. The adolescence education degree prepares you to teach seventh through 12th grade. The childhood education degree prepares you to teach first through sixth grade. The early childhood education degree prepares you to teach children from birth through second grade. All three programs are designed for transfer to a bachelor’s degree program in education.

Course work focuses on general education, teacher preparation, and a major field of study. The curriculum includes the first two years of course work to fulfill the New York State Education Department’s teacher certification requirements.

Degree Requirements

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These programs provide the first two years of education needed to become a teacher. There is high demand for qualified teachers in all parts of the country. The demand in our region is especially acute for middle school and high school teachers in math and science. Learn more about related jobs: 

Program Chair

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Anna Regula

Professor, Reading

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Transfer Options

You will be prepared to transfer as a junior to most colleges and universities that are part of the State University of New York. Most of these institutions have adopted the same template of course requirements for a degree in education. That means, if you do well academically, you will be prepared to transfer with full junior status to teacher education programs at a SUNY institution. The curriculum also will transfer to most private colleges that offer degrees in education.

These degree programs are part of the SUNY teacher education transfer initiative. The SUNY Teacher Education Transfer Template (TETT) is a State University of New York System articulation project designed to facilitate transfer between participating SUNY associate degree-granting institutions (ADGIs) and those SUNY baccalaureate campuses with teacher education programs, consistent with the initiative, A New Vision in Teacher Education.

The goal is both to eliminate course incompatibilities that can hinder student progress and to simplify advisement at all campuses involved in teacher education. The TETT project calls for a model A.A. or A.S. curriculum consisting of three components for students aspiring to earn bachelor degrees with recommendation for NYS teacher certification in childhood or early childhood education or in adolescence education:


Additional Transfer Options

General Education Core

Complete SUNY-GER plus an additional three credits of Foreign Language (33 credit hours);

Major or Concentration

At present the TETT project web site covers coursework in seven majors/concentrations - biology, chemistry, earth science, English, history/social studies, mathematics, physics (12-18 credit hours); and

Professional Component

One psychology course (Child or Adolescent) and Foundations of Education (six credit hours). When a SUNY ADGI student completes these three components within a particular sequence of coursework, s/he is assured that the represented coursework will transfer to one of the SUNY designated campuses offering baccalaureate teacher education programs. The TETT project is a SUNY System articulation initiative and therefore assures that a transferring student’s coursework is accepted in whole if the student meets the criteria for admission to a parallel program at a participating SUNY baccalaureate campus. The TETT project does not guarantee admission to a particular teacher education baccalaureate program or institution.



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